Strategy and Planning

It is said that failing to plan is planning to fail and, in these challenging times, this has never been more true. If you have a clear understanding of why your company exists and what you want it to achieve, you will markedly increase your chances of success. As companies grow, they need to re-evaluate their purpose and their goals. Calibre can help with this critical task and help determine the strategies that will deliver success.

Project Management

Surveys show that up to 70% of projects fail. This means that they do not achieve all their goals in terms of time, cost, scope or quality. One fundamental reason for this failure is that each project is unique and, usually, people will make mistakes when they do something for the first time. Calibre uses its years of project management experience and a proven methodology to reduce your project management risk and help your projects achieve their goals.

Management Mentoring and Coaching

Most people accept that it is natural for athletes, musicians and dancers at the peak of their powers to have personal trainers, coaches or tutors. Likewise, executives and managers should use a suitably qualified person to help them clarify personal, professional and career goals, to develop strategies and plans and to improve skills and competencies. Calibre has the knowledge and the experience to help leaders at every level of an organisation to achieve their potential.

Change Management

Managing the organisational changes brought about by innovation or evolution, in a systematic and planned way, is a daunting challenge and is not always intuitive. Knowing how to deal with changing processes, procedures, and systems to accommodate internal and external influences often requires assistance. Calibre can help management introduce change without losing the goodwill of staff or seriously impacting business momentum.

Meeting Your Needs

Over the years, Calibre has been able to assist large and small organisations in all sorts of ways that are not mentioned above. These include developing digital strategies, conducting project audits, improving sales processes, creating marketing plans, staff training the list goes on and on. If you have a need for a consultant or if you just want to talk about how to make your business better, please contact Calibre for a free, no obligations chat.